Production Time

Normal production times for catalog quantities is 5-7 working days from receipt of complete order, approved credit and proof approval.

Lead times are for catalog quantities & are subject to change.

Rush Orders

Every effort will be made to accommodate rush orders; however, courier and expediting charges may apply. Contact our service specialists to determine availability before ordering. Fee for rush orders is $150.00 (G).

Over-Runs or Under-Runs

All orders are subject to ship 5% over or under the quantity ordered. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped. Any order requiring the exact amount will be billed $50.00(G).

Shipping and Freight Claims

Mi Line by Fey is committed to creating an effortless experience for our customers. As part of that effort we want to make sure you have no worries or concerns when you send us purchase orders, when we produce your orders or when we ship orders to your client.

If you choose to utilize Fey Promo as the shipper with freight charges added to your invoice, you will be fully protected concerning damaged goods or lost shipments. You will not pay for damaged goods or late shipments caused by the freight carrier. We will take care of the entire claim processing process with the freight carrier from start to finish. We've got everything covered.

If you choose to utilize your shipping number and the product(s) get damaged, the responsibility shifts from Fey Promo to you. Your firm will be responsible for payment of the Fey Promo invoice related to the products minus the shipment insurance monies paid by the parcel shipping firm to Fey Promo as the shipment originator. Note: Parcel shipping firms base insurance coverage is $100. In these situations, you will be responsible to initiate any/all claims with the parcel shipping company and Fey Promo will apply at $50.00(X) processing fee to cover our costs for assisting with the claim.

We encourage everyone to trust the 50+ years of Fey Promo commitment to the industry and our customers and become part of the 'effortless experience'.

Drop or Split Shipments

A charge of $10.00(G) will apply for each address beyond the first. When splitting shipment on multiple days, add $10.00 (G) per shipment. All future shipments must ship within six months and the entire order will be invoiced at the time of the first shipment.

Shipping Methods

Unless you provide specific instructions, we will select a carrier. We can only assure date of shipment, but cannot be held responsible for arrival date. Faster shipping methods are available with prior approval.

Special Shipping Instructions

Special mailing labels, packaging requirements and shipping services will add to the published lead times and additional charges may apply.


Prior to return, all merchandise requires a written authorization in order to be eligible for credit. First quality, blank merchandise returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns must be sent freight prepaid within 60 days of original shipment.


Weights shown are approximated for packaging only and may vary slightly.